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Hi, we are glad to see you on our site. Tires Profi is a site about vehicle tires: car and bicycle, golf cart and tractor, highway and off road, and so on.

On the Tires Profi, you’ll find a lot of information relating to tires buying and maintenance, tire pressure charts and calculators, accessories, tire fitting equipment. Our articles will help you choose the right tires and maintain them properly for safety and fuel-efficiency. We also discuss tires accessories, inflators, tire pressure gauges and fitting equipment. We review the best products and talk about techniques, share news and features of the tires and accessories, connect you with real-life professionals and who-knew life tricks to get things done and have fun doing them.

You may begin with a great short great video about how tires work.

Although the tire it seems to be simple, work circumstances make high demands to the strength and other characteristics. The tires exert a centrifugal force and both static and dynamic imbalance must be as low as possible. The contact patch of the tire transmits forces between the road and the tire and affects steering behavior. Dry traction is an ability to deliver traction, or grip, under dry conditions. Dry traction is a function of the tackiness of the rubber compound. Lower rolling resistance improves fuel economy. The workload is an important parameter based on the weight and speed that the tire can handle without overheating and causing it to deteriorate prematurely.

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