Tire Pressure Honda Accord, Tire Pressure Warning Light

I can not say enough good things about my Honda Accord. It’s extremely good on fuel and handled exceptionally well in the snow and ice. The car has a TPMS – Tire Pressure Honda Accord Monitoring System, which gives for me tire pressure warning light (some issues below).

Tire Pressure Honda Accord

The panel on the door shows 29 psi. The tires can take up to 45 psi. Honda dealerships usually fill the tires to 35 psi, like in most other cars.

Optimal tire pressure for Honda Accord is in a range from 29-35 psi (back and front) whether you drive an Accord Coupe or Sedan model. Tire pressure warning light you’ll see if you are running below 29psi.

Tire Pressure Warning Light

Tire Pressure Honda Accord

TPMS gives quick access to information about your tires’ PSI. Optimal tires pressure improves vehicle stability, helps with gas mileage.

But Honda owners have an annoyingly common issue – they often need to reset the TPMS light.

And I am not an exception. I sometimes see “Low Tire Pressure” warning light. So, I pull over at the gas station and check tires pressure, fill up the offending tire and get back on the road, but the alert still won’t turn off.

Any time you change a tire, reinflate your tires or get them rotated, the TPMS recalibrating. After starting the recalibration process, it takes about half an hour of driving with 30-65 miles per hour.

Resetting Tire Pressure Warning Light in 2016 Honda Vehicles

Resetting Tire Pressure Warning LightWith the touch screen display: Select Settings/Vehicle/TPMS Calibration/Calibrate.




Tire Pressure Warning LightWithout the touch screen display: Make and enter selections with the steering wheel buttons in the Driver Information Interface.
Scroll and select Settings screen/TPMS Calibration/Calibrate.

In older vehicles with steering wheel buttons: Press MENU and select Customize Settings / TPMS Calibration / Initialize / Yes.

If you have a TPMS button to the left of the steering wheel, just press and hold it until the warning light blinks twice.


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