Buying Truck Tires

The tire options for trucks and SUVs are a bit more diverse than they are for sedans and other cars. Trucks have more varied uses among drivers, and therefore require a larger variety of tires to choose from. Finding the right tires for your truck can take some work.

How is your truck used?

This is the most important question you can ask yourself when you go to purchase tires for your truck. Determine what activities you engage in throughout the year, then purchase the tires that bit fit your style and needs.

You might have to purchase two different sets of tires for your truck. If you are involved in heavy off-roading, for example, or if you live in an area that endures harsh winters, special tires might be necessary for those conditions.

All-Purpose Truck Tires

AP, or all-purpose, truck tires are designed for general usage on normal roads. They are usually adequate for moderate snow and for driving on non-treacherous unpaved terrain, but they aren’t practical for serious winter weather or for significant off-roading.

These tires are great for people who engage mostly in urban or suburban driving in moderate climates. They have sufficient tread depth to handle freeway driving and they are typically on the lower end of the price spectrum. My truck is outfitted in all-purpose or all-terrain tires.

All-Terrain Truck Tires

If you like the confidence of driving your truck in just about any normal city or suburban environment, with moderate snow and ice, all-terrain tires are ideal. They cost a bit more than all-purpose varieties, and they have more traction which means a rougher ride on the freeway. However, they instill peace of mind for flooding and light winter driving.

This is a common choice among truck owners in mild climates who might experience ice and snow a couple times a year. They are often called mud and snow tires, but again, they aren’t for severe conditions.

Sport Truck Tires

These tires are comparable to performance tires on smaller vehicles, and are designed to improve performance on curves and on freeways. According to, they are wider than other types of truck tires and present a lower profile.

Winter Truck Tires

When driving your truck in severe winter weather, winter tires are a necessity. These tires have deeper tread with more complicated tread patterns, and are designed to protect you on snowy or icy roads. They are only appropriate for winter driving; therefore, you might have a set of all-purpose or all-terrain tires for the rest of the year, pulling these out only when the weather starts to deteriorate.

The types of tires you buy for your truck, as mentioned above, depend on how you drive and where you drive. It is always best to consider the worst-case scenario; even if you off-road your truck only a few times a year, for example, tires appropriate for that kind of use are the best choice.

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