RV Spare Tire Cover Review 2020

RV spare tire cover keeps the ultraviolet rays off a spare which is not shielded most of the day at all. Sunlight can eventually weaken and damage rubber tires, seals, and other things.

Rigid RV Spare Tire Cover

There are two types of rigid RV spare tire covers: hardcovers made of a rigid material such as stainless steel, molded plastic, or a combination. These come in two parts: the ring wraps around and face plate covers the front of the tire. The hardcovers provide the maximum security and protection for your tire.

The advantage of rigid RV spare tire cover is a long lifetime, reliability, ease of tire installation and removal, include a metal lock which provides additional security. These are more resistant to the mildew and mold that can ruin a soft cover.

The disadvantage is the cost – more than twice higher than soft ones. Sometimes they are difficult to mount and even need to modify the mount.

Military RV Spare Tire Cover

The second kind of RV spare tire cover is a soft cover wrapping around the tire and tighten with a rope or zipper. Most are sewn of heavy ultraviolet resistant fabric. They are easy on the wallet, and there are the wide array of available vinyl cover designs. From military insignia and sports teams to nature scenes and girl design. You can choose the tire cover that fits any personal style.

The biggest disadvantage is that soft covers are less durable than hard ones. They last a few years and wear out or become bad-looking and need replacement. The cloth breaks down and leave your tire exposed. The vinyl becomes soft, and the cover to sags and falls off.

Military RV Spare Tire Cover

Some vinyl RV spare tire covers come with a set of locking security grommets consisting of two metal grommets with a small padlock or plastic twist tie. It provide additional security, but but can not completely prevent theft.

Animal RV Spare Tire Cover

Your spare may be brand new but doesn’t match the tires the vehicle came with. You may hide an unmatched wheel and protect the rim and tire from the elements.  There is no reason to let your tire get dry-rotted or anything. It helps with the UV, helps to keep it clean, and the spare will look better even if you just have a plain black cover.

As a conclusion, if you don’t like spare tire cover and keep the spare in your rotation procedure, using the cover is not necessary. But in the winter and when offroading it is a lot easier to put a clean wheel on when you get a flat.

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