Tire Covers for Jeeps Review 2020

Tire covers for jeeps help to prevent discoloration of the tire and other elements from the sun, hides the spare tire from the ultraviolet solar radiation and prevent the rubber from deteriorating, cracking and become more prone to punctures and popping. And last, but not least, you can choose from wide variety of tire covers to personalize your vehicle so you and others can recognize it from the first sight!

You can choose among military spare tire covers, vintage, animal, girl covers, and much more.

Tire Covers for Jeeps (Wrangler)

Whether you pop your tire on the busy highway or need to swap out your flat on the back country roads, easy access to your spare is essential. When your tire is protected with tire cover, you can rest assured the tire is like new. On the other side, you may choose a nice cover with a color matching your jeep. 

You also may use a spare cover when you have got a mismatched spare. If you I can’t afford to buy all five wheels or tires just now, then you can get four and cover the fifth with a spare tire cover until bying a matching spare.

Military Tire Covers for Jeeps

Military tire covers are custom made to fit all tire sizes. Printed images of the high-quality covers are printed with UV resistant inks that etch into the vinyl. The image will not flake off and prints are rated up to five years.

Vintage Tire Covers for Jeeps

Great material for spare tire covers are scrim and marine grade vinyl. Marine vinyl is used to cover the tread of the tire and also used to make boat seats; the scrim one is even stronger, covers the front. Another good material is cotton/polyester blend with an elastic anchor to hold the cover on the tire securely.

Animal Tire Covers

If you choose the size matching your tire size, it fit perfectly with the help of the draw string securing the cover tightly to the tire. It does keep the wheel clean and protects from UV, but invariably when you take it off for a tire rotation or whatever it becomes wet and better to leave the cover off until you clean and dry the wheel which is a while sometimes.

Girl Tire Covers for Jeeps

It is much easier to keep a cover clean than a wheel. On in the winter the cover facilitates removing the salt and slush off and lessens tire and wheel deterioration from the weather as well.

“Life is Good” Tire Covers for Jeeps

The spare wheel sees the sun on top all the daylight hours, and mostly on the top. Some Jeeps are just “weekenders” and are parked in a garage six day of the week, out of the ultraviolet light, and the “UV problem” is not important for them. But if you drive daily, wheell deterioration may become significant. Of course, it is important to keep the spare in your rotation, but the cover helps.

Camo Tire Covers for Jeeps

There are a lot of spare tires that blew out within about 50 miles because the rubber was rotted in the tread and sidewalls, although they were never used until the first flat occurred. Moreover, many jeepers buy a new car and run to the tire store to buy all five that thier new, so custom spare wheel will never touch the ground. Use the cover just to keep it pretty!

Rigid Tire Covers for Jeeps

Hardshell tire covers are much easier to install/uninstall than soft tire covers. These can be customized with a logo, painted or whatever you like anytime after purchase. The look of the rigid cover on the jeep is just great. They add a nice finished look, look like a factory option and don’t look cheap.

Skull Jeep Tire Covers

If you have a spare tire cover and you don’t use regular rotation schedule, then you should remove the cover and clean the wheels every season. If you don’t clean, the cover may damage your wheels because it traps grime, dirt, and road salt, holds it on the wheel, and it will corrode faster than if you had no cover.

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